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5 Ways to get Testimonials to Grow Your Business

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Are you using testimonials to your advantage? If you’re not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn more visitors into subscribers and customers. In this article, we’ll show you how to get testimonials and how to use them effectively.

When you start a new blog or business, it can be difficult to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter or buy the product or service that you offer. That’s where testimonials come in.

Testimonials are a powerful way to encourage visitors to become subscribers and customers.

But, how do you collect great testimonials?

If you’re not sure how to get customer testimonials, check out these 11 proven strategies.

Before we dive in though, let’s take a lo

ok at why testimonials are so powerful.

What is a Testimonial and What Makes It Amazing?

A testimonial is similar to a review, here’s the definition:

“A testimonial is a truthful endorsement whereby someone testifies to the quality of a product, person, or service.”

You’ll notice a few things in that definition:

  • It has to be truthful Making up testimonials is unethical. Also, people can usually see right through a fake testimonial, so it makes your site less trustworthy, not more.

  • It is an endorsement A testimonial really has to be coming from someone who is personally willing to endorse your product or website. That means they should have used it.

  • It should mention the qualities It’s not really good enough for that person just to say they’ve tried it; they should also say they liked it and why.

Glowing, honest testimonials like these act as social proof for your business. What is social proof?

Social proof is a phenomenon where people look to the actions of others to figure out what they should do in a certain situation.

For example, if you’re looking to buy a new TV, you’ll check out online reviews to make sure you’re choosing the right product before you buy it. Or, if you’re looking for a new restaurant to eat at, you’ll probably choose one with lots of great reviews rather than a restaurant that has no reviews at all.

When a business shows proof that it has happy customers, you’ll be more likely to become one of them.

You can use social proof like testimonials on your website in a similar way to convince people to choose your blog or online business.

And take a look at these social proof statistics that show how important and powerful testimonials are:

  • 97% of consumers look at reviews before purchasing.

  • Testimonials can increase conversion rates on sales pages by 34%.

  • A single good review can increase conversions by a whopping 10%!

Now that you know how testimonials can help your blog or business, let’s move on to the juicy part: check out these 5 tips on how to get testimonials.

1. Search on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to get customer testimonials is to find and use what people are already saying about you on social media.

Social media is an amazing source of testimonials for almost any type of blog or online business. People go there to vent, socialize, or praise things so (if you’re doing things well) you’ll notice a steady stream of people saying amazing things about you.

Testimonials that come from social media also have the added benefit of looking more authoritative because your blog or online business must be great to have people praising it on the internet!

To find what people are saying about you on social media, do a search for your blog or business name on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Type your blog or business name into the search bar and see what comes up. You never know what wonderful things people are saying about you online unless you look for them.

You can also use social media monitoring tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Mention that will alert you about mentions of your business or certain keywords.

When you discover a good testimonial for your site on social media, you’ll want to display it on your website.

Using a social media feed tool like Smash Balloon is the best way to do this.

Smash Balloon makes it easy to display testimonials from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube.

2. Ask to Use Quotes From Emails People Send You

Another way to get testimonials from what people are already saying about you is by using quotes from emails.

For example, one of your blog readers might send you an email letting you know how much they enjoy your content and how helpful your tips have been for them.

That can be used as a testimonial!

Just remember, you should ask the permission of the person before you use that particular person’s email message in public. That’s very important so you don’t break their trust!

Email testimonials look really good because, like social media, it shows that someone has taken the time out of their day to send you an email about your website or product.

3. Check Out the Comments on Your Blog

If you have been using Blog Tyrant’s strategies to get more comments you might have a lot of little gems just lying around on your blog.

Sometimes it can be hard to use blog comments to ask for testimonials because they’re often very specific to the post that you’re pulling them from. But, once and a while, you can find some general praise that will make for a great testimonial.

You can take a screenshot to grab the whole comment and give it some context. All the better if they have set up a Gravatar to display their profile photo.

And if you need more comments on your blog, at the end of your posts, say something like:

Have any of our tips helped you? Let us know in the comments below!” to encourage readers to give their feedback.

4. Do a Testimonial Swap

Online businesses rely on testimonials to build trust and drive sales. So, you can imagine how happy a business would be if you left a great testimonial for them. So happy in fact, that they’ll be more likely to give you a testimonial in return.

If your online business and another business have used each other’s products or services, you can do a testimonial swap.

It’s kind of icky to tell a business that you’ll only give them a testimonial if they give you one. Instead, write a testimonial, let the business know about it, and encourage them to do the same for you.

And remember, you should only do testimonial swaps with businesses or blogs that have used your product or service and vice versa.

5. Create a Survey

Surveys are a great way to collect customer feedback on specific areas of your business. But, survey participants can only provide answers to the questions you give them which won’t result in testimonials you can use for your business.

Unless you ask them for a testimonial at the end of your survey!

If people are taking the time to fill out your survey, they’re probably more than willing to leave a short testimonial for you as well, if they’re happy with your business.

So, make sure to include a field at the end of your survey for testimonials.

Using a tool like WPForms, you can easily create a survey and add it to your WordPress website.

And using conditional logic, you can only ask people for testimonials if they leave a 5-star rating.

You can customize your survey however you like including adding a text box to accept testimonials and adding a star rating option as well.

These were some ideas to grow your business by using testimonials.

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